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A long time ago, I started using WriteWay Pro. You only pay for this software once so updates are free, and GUESS WHAT?!

A new update is ready for download. I have some friends who thought WriteWay Pro was “not as pretty” as some other Writer Software. And, hey, whatever inspires your muse. That’s OK.

Well, take a look at this new Storyboard. 

First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do. ~ Epictetus ~

Nothing can write your story for you, but I like the way WriteWay Pro organizes my thoughts. I write without a plan, and then once I’ve written, I break the writing down and make it look like I had a plan.
With WriteWay Pro, I can see in capsule form what I have so far. I can switch from this storyboard to composition mode. I can see my list of scenes. I can drag and drop them if I don’t like the order, though I usually write in order.

I can click on my character icon where I store photos of my characters and traits I want to remember. I can see graphs of how far along my project is and I can set goals.

And I could be here all day telling you what WriteWay Pro does. But it’s easier to look at the software site. You can download it for free for 30 days and play with it. Go here. And have fun :o)

What software do YOU use for writing? Or, do you stick with a word processor like Word or Wordperfect?