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It’s 1911, the year the old town of Bandit Creek will be wiped out by The Flood. Charlotte Fraser, a spunky young schoolteacher arrives in Bandit Creek and lands in the middle of a mystery. Her predecessor is missing and foul play is suspected. 

The young sheriff, Alec Forrest, is well-respected in the small town. He regularly gives advice to Charlotte about the behavior expected of a schoolteacher, and she mostly ignores it.
Charlotte has to deal with pre suffragette conventions, like learning to ride side saddle. Riding astride, like a man, is frowned upon if not downright forbidden. She wants to dye her hair, and it is possible to buy hair dye . . . if you’re a prostitute. The drugstore keeps it under the counter.
But for the most part, the town learns to accept Charlotte. The sheriff worries for her safety, and her decorum. And, as her class prepares for the annual Thanksgiving Pageant, a killer moves in their midst.
Amy Jo Fleming has created a fast-paced thriller, rich in historical detail. Carla Roma interviews Amy Jo Fleming at Bandit Creek Books today.
DEATH AT BANDIT CREEK is available here.