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All books are written in slow motion. And since it happens in  v e r y  slow motion, it’s like it never happens at all, and that’s discouraging. So my XL chart is my friend and motivator.

After the writing session, I chart the date, the time (even if it’s just 15 minutes), the number of words, and maybe a note about what’s happening in the story or what I discovered today. Then, any time it all feels pointless, I look back a week, or two or three, and I can see how far I have come. Inch by inch, word by word. I really am getting somewhere. Though it does not seem like it today.

Do you chart your progress? What tricks do you use to keep adding those words?

While we would like to speed up writing, sometimes it’s interesting to slow things down. Like watching a water balloon burst, or seeing a bullet shoot an egg or a glass of milk or a watermelon.

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