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Bandit Creek has a new paranormal romance available today. This one involves witches and warlocks and a “familiar”, who happens to be a lovable dog.

Avy Gwynn has just learned her parents died in some kind of accident in Bandit Creek. She rushes home to deal with the tragedy, and to face the town she’s never felt comfortable in. Then she learns that her parents were murdered, and that her own life may be in danger.

Marcus Egan has also returned to Bandit Creek, on assignment. He is a warlock from the Otherland, sent to investigate the deaths of Avy’s parents. He’s surprised to meet Avy, surprised to know she even exists. Her extraordinary powers have been bound since she was born, hiding her from the Otherland, a world she knows nothing about.

Not only must he protect her from the Otherland, he must teach her about her magical abilities, before she accidentally destroys Bandit Creek.

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