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I love my new Michelin X-Ice winter tires.

A lot of winter drivers still believe that the cost of dedicated winter tires is prohibitive and that all-season tires are good enough for winter conditions in their area.

Studies done by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation show:

“that the more resilient compound of winter tires is beneficial when the air temperature is +7 degrees Celsius or lower, regardless of whether the roads are dry, wet, snow-covered or icy. While most jurisdictions may receive variable amounts of snow, a majority of Canadians experience temperatures of at least -10 degrees Celsius or colder” explains Dr. Vanlaar. “Even in moderate temperatures above 0 degrees winter tires improve your car’s traction, cornering and braking ability. Also, anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and electronic stability control (ESC) require sufficient traction to be effective and winter tires can provide that needed traction.”

Here’s a video that shows the comparison between all-seasons and dedicated winter tires.

Winter Tires vs. All-Seasons

Yes, there is the initial expense of the winter tires but collisions can cost a lot more. As well, some research suggests there is fuel savings of about 5% with the use of winter tires. Also, your insurance costs are generally less when you’re using winter tires.

I’m so happy that our “ditch-seeking” all-season tires are stored in the garage this winter.

It’s cold in Alberta. For the last few days,  Environment Canada has been issuing Extreme Cold Warnings.

An Extreme Cold Warning is issued when there will be very cold temperatures or wind chill creating an elevated risk to health such as frostbite and hypothermia. The alert is triggered when there will be 2 hours of minus 40 temperature or wind chill.

Today they are predicting a balmy minus 16, with a wind chill of minus 26.

A few years ago, I posted my Official Canadian Temperature Conversion Chart but in case you missed it, it’s here.

Is it cold where you live? Drive safe and stay warm!

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