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Who isn’t tired of COVID-19?

The World Health Organization officially declared a pandemic on March 11. My home province, Alberta, declared a state of emergency on March 17.

Stores closed. Schools and daycares closed. People started working from home. Non-essential surgeries were cancelled—partly to prevent the spread of the virus and partly to be sure that ventilators would be available if symptoms got that bad.

People were encouraged to wear masks if they had to go out for groceries. And most grocery stores would deliver. Even Staples will deliver free of charge because if you are working from your home office, you need ink.

The local drugstore has arrows to direct the flow of traffic down aisles and thus ensure social distancing. Same for Safeway. I like stores that have that “flow of traffic” figured out.

And now, finally, the curve has indeed “flattened” and some restrictions are being lifted. At least, in most of the province. Calgary and Brooks are a little late since these two cities have had a higher number of cases.

I walk on the path by the river in the morning. People maintain the 2-metre “social distancing” and wave as we pass each other. They are all team players.

Earlier this year, I was one of the lucky ones. I got my “non-essential” surgery done on January 28. A new hip. For me, most of February was a blur as I rotated ice packs, did my exercises, and slowly recovered.

When March came, I was looking forward to getting out into the world again. But then, COVID-19.

At first, the stay-at-home was not too hard to follow. I’m an introvert, after all. So you would think I’d be getting a lot of writing done with this social distancing.

But, not so much. It’s hard to stop thinking about COVID-19.COVID-19 keyboard

And, I find that I miss people. Now my favourite café, Friends, has sort of reopened, with take-out service.

There’s Plexiglas at the service counter, and masks and gloves for the staff, and visibly marked-out social distance areas. Using the front and side doors, a one-way flow of traffic has been created. And there’s a brand new “tap” for the credit/debit machine.

They even have curbside pickup.

This morning, two of my writer friends and I met at “Friends”. We got our take-out coffees. (Also, I picked up one of the “Heat & Eat” lasagnas for tonight’s supper.) Then we headed back to one friend’s balcony where we could sit apart but be together. We could have made coffee but it’s just not the same as going to Friends. (friendscappuccinobar.ca)

Zoom has been great, and my writing groups have made good use of it. But I have definitely missed my Friends.

How are you coping? Are you tired of COVID-19? Do you love Zoom?

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