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My Tuesday Café blog is three years old!

It started on Blogger in March 2011. Last Christmas, I moved it to WordPress. Even though WP has been harder to learn, I am enjoying the flexibility of this platform. Plus, I can make the pictures SO MUCH BIGGER. Like these cupcakes:

2014-03-04 photos dot com 114302447

I know you’re all wondering what to get my blog for its third blogiversary. I expect it’s the same as any anniversary. The third year is traditionally leather. Such as my Oberon Ereader cover.

CREEKBED Oberon Ebookcover

Don’t like Traditional? That’s all right. For modern times, it’s crystal and glass. Wine glasses and prisms.

2014-03-04 photos dot com 179275767

Yes, I’d like prisms. Thank you very much!

And for you, I have a gift . . .

Cover - On the Way to a Wedding
My sweet romance / coming-of-age ON THE WAY TO A WEDDING is currently free on Amazon until midnight on Thursday.

So, have a cupcake. Pour the coffee. Sit back and relax. And thanks for stopping by on my Third Blogiversary 🙂

cupcake and candles from photos.com #96928921
rose cupcakes from photos.com #114302447
prism from photos.com #179275767