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After almost a month of fighting this flu, I am feeling ready to start exercising again. Before Christmas, I had a routine of Yoga and Aquafit. I was also going to physiotherapy to deal with an old SI joint injury. That was tricky because I couldn’t tell what was a joint issue and what were plain old aches and pains from this endless flu.

Now it’s time to get back to fitness. If you are newly setting up a fitness routine, you might like to know that there are “stages” involved.

  1. Pre-contemplation – This is kind of like denial. As in, “Maybe exercising would be a good idea, but I’m not sure.”
  2. Contemplation – OK. We’ve got a problem. We need to do something about it.
  3. Preparation – This is the research phase. People sometimes skip this step and jump right to . . .
  4. Action – Now you’re doing something. This could get you to . . .
  5. Maintenance – Or it could get you to . . .
  6. Relapse – Otherwise known as Throwing in the Towel.

If this happens, you go back to Stage 3 – Preparation. If walking is the activity, maybe a kilometre is the goal for a few weeks. But first, you have to get back to No Pain.

Some people decide to run, and develop shin splints. Then they must gear down to walking, until there is no more pain.

A typical plan might be:

  • Walk 10 laps at the gym (1 km).
  • The next week, run a half lap, and walk the other 9 ½ laps.
  • The next week, add another half lap, and so on, until you are running half a lap and walking half a lap.
  • Then start running a whole lap until you can run the whole kilometre.
  • And then, do more Preparation.

You just need to give yourself time and stay with it.

Have you got an exercise routine? If not, are you contemplating one?

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