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Paper is not dead

Paper is not dead

Hurray! ON THE WAY TO A WEDDING is now available in print. This is good news for my family because most of the folks do not own e-readers (yet) and they keep wanting to know what I’m doing with all that time I spend at my computer.

Plus, it just feels good to hold a copy of my book in my hands. Sometimes you just want paper, you know?

Unlike this guy:

2013-10-01 Emma You Tube

I haven’t put up a You Tube for a while so it’s time for a bit of humour. My Aunt Net sent me this one a couple of weeks ago. Thanks Aunt Net!

How about you? Do you prefer E or paper?



ANGEL WINGS is FREE on Amazon until midnight this Thursday.
Angel Wings by Suzanne StenglYou can download it in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, India, Japan, Mexico, and Brazil. I’ve had downloads in all these countries except for Spain, Japan and Mexico.
I had my first download in Brazil yesterday. A little later I checked again to see if I was reading it right, and there were four downloads in Brazil! Yes, this is an exciting moment for an author. And when I get my first download for Spain or Japan or Mexico, I’ll celebrate that moment too.
Cover - On the Way to a WeddingRight now ON THE WAY TO A WEDDING is selling for just 99 cents and that will be the price until October 1.  Also, I should be receiving my first shipment of ‘WEDDING’ CreateSpace books this week. Another exciting moment.
Now that I think about it, I have a lot of moments that I celebrate. Whenever we sit down to dinner, I like to clink glasses and toast to something. Anything.
Today it could be:
  • “to finishing another chapter in my current manuscript”
  • or “to a perfect autumn day”
  • or “to finding out the difference between a Mandarin and a Clementine”.

What are you celebrating today? Do you know the difference between a Mandarin and a Clementine?

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On the Way to a Wedding

On the Way to a Wedding

Available on Amazon

After a lot of sweat and love and labor, rubbing of eyes and pacing, and making things just so, I have released ON THE WAY TO A WEDDING.

From the inside flap . . .
Ryder O’Callaghan finds Toria Whitney on the side of a forest road with a totaled car, a sprained ankle, and a wedding dress. Both Ryder and Toria are scheduled to be married in three weeks—but not to each other. Boy, are they going to be surprised!

Right now, the book is available for the Amazon Kindle. It will be released in print by the end of the summer.

If you don’t have a Kindle and would like to read the book now, you can download it to your computer, your tablet, or your phone—if you have one of those fancy “Smart” phones. You can get the free Kindle app here.

As with all Kindle books, you can read the first chapter online for free.

I think I’ll give myself a week of catching up and then get back to the writing routine. I have planted my morning glories and the lilacs have started blooming. I feel like spending some time in my garden.

Have you finished any major projects lately?



You’ve all heard of Wordle, right? Find it here. Paste in some text. Make yourself a T-shirt or a card or a mug.

If you are a writer, you might want to check how often you are using a word in a manuscript and get rid of a few of those overused words. Or you might simply want to put your mind on hold and play with different fonts, layouts and colours.

The Wordle above is from my manuscript. The main characters are mentioned most often. This is Ryder & Toria’s story and soon to be released.

Have you ever played with Wordle? What did you make?

word cloud from Wordle.net