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You may have noticed I am redecorating my website. Today, one of my blog subscribers let me know that I am inadvertently sending out blog posts! Ridiculous ones with content like this:

Sed quis ipsum vitae metus consequat pharetra. In dignissim varius erat, ac dignissim lorem bibendum et. Sed id placerat odio. Nunc nec felis non dolor pulvinar congue. Nunc dapibus ex vitae dolor consequat, in porta mi vulputate. Vivamus vestibulum dui purus, non efficitur ex iaculis id. Integer auctor dolor eu ex scelerisque facilisis. Sed fringilla, leo a laoreet placerat, urna sapien convallis elit, ut scelerisque mi massa quis mauris.

Sorry about that! I need to figure out how to turn off the blog subscription feature while I am “in development”. That’s a techie term for “working on my website”.

And since I primarily write Fiction—and not websites—you may get a few more rogue posts before I’m finished!

Stay tuned. I should have it sorted out by Sunday night.