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We have had so much snow this winter.

Thank goodness for “snow angels” – the people who shovel your sidewalk while they are out shoveling their own.

In this weather, sidewalks often need to be shoveled more than once a day so we seem to be taking turns with the neighbours. Sometimes snow shoveling becomes a “meet the neighbours” activity.

This is what our backyard looks like. 
snow covering the firepitThere’s a firepit under that heap of snow . . . much like the firepit in the backyard at Aunt Myra’s in A WEDDING AND A WHITE CHRISTMAS.

Of course, the mountains are benefiting from all this snow. Yesterday, we drove to Banff to ski at Sunshine Village.

Starting out, the car temperature gauge said minus 24 (- 11 F). As we crossed Morley Flats, the temperature rose suddenly to minus 17 (1 F) and the road filled with fog and blowing snow. Traffic slowed and almost everyone was driving with four-way flashers on. I could see the flashers about 8 car lengths ahead. It was as if the cars were “holding hands” as we inched through the fog. Fortunately, that only lasted about fifteen minutes and then we got back to good visibility.

By the time we reached the Bourgeau parking lot at Sunshine’s base, the temperature had dropped back down to minus 24, and there was hardly anyone there. Too cold, I guess.

The gondola whisked us up the mountain in about 17 minutes and when we exited at the Village, the temperature was closer to minus 15 (5 F). So warm, I took off my neoprene mask. And the skies were sunny.

We rode a couple of times on the new Teepee Town heated chair. Once you are aboard, you pull down the orange cover to block the wind. It’s a much nicer ride up than taking the Angel chair which is always windy and cold.

After a couple runs to warm up, we went right to the top of Divide.
at the top of DivideThe thing I like most about skiing is being outside in the sunshine. When you get a clear day with all that white, I don’t care how cold it is.
happy skiierMother Nature gave us a break after lunch, sending the temp all the way up to minus 9 (16 F) Quite pleasant!

Do you enjoy the sunshine on a snowy winter day? Are you dressed nice and warm for the cold weather? Are you a snow angel?