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A child’s artwork, particularly a very young child’s artwork, can make a great Christmas gift.

All you need is:

  • The masterpiece — or a section of it
  • A clip frame (see Michael’s or similar craft store)

The clip frame looks like this:

Put it together and you get this:

child’s artwork

This little artist is not yet two years old, and already So Talented!

(Yes, I know, I may be somewhat biased . . . )

When my kids were little, and all these colourful pieces of artwork came home, they ended up on the fridge and on various bulletin boards. After a month or so, new artwork showed up and replacements were made. Nowadays, many fridges no longer have a metal front. Hence, magnets on the fridge are no longer an option. That’s just sad.

Another use for these artwork pages would be as notepaper for a letter to be sent in the mail. The Mail, as opposed to E-mail or text. Mailing an actual physical letter is a cumbersome process. It involves finding an envelope and a stamp and finding a writing instrument such as a pen, pencil or crayon. It also necessitates a trip to the post office or a mailbox. And so, it’s not often done anymore.

I imagine at some point, they will invent transporter beams and these pieces of art could be sent using that technology. In fact, while they are developing the technology, artwork might be the thing to practice on.  If anything goes wrong with the transmission, there is always more artwork!

And in the meantime, I think it’s fun to preserve a few pieces with this simple framing method.

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I hope you are enjoying the lead up to Christmas. Happy crafting!

artwork by Bob