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Here is a simple gift to make for Christmas.
You will need:
  •  bottles of wine
  • some address labels
I have always wanted to make wine—or at least, I thought I did. What I really wanted to do was design the label.
So just buy some of your favourite wine, and soak off the labels. Then design your very own label.
You can purchase large address labels at Staples or a similar business supply store. Sometimes you can even find labels that are shaped specifically for a wine bottle, but the large size address labels work as well.
Then you can either freeform your design with markers or crayons, or you could create something on your computer so you can print a bunch of wine labels. Add a pretty bow and voilá, you are finished.
Here is my label:
wine labelsOf course, you don’t need to design a special label. A bottle of wine is always a great gift. Especially once it’s opened and shared with a friend.
And I suppose, since it’s so close to Christmas, you could just get the wine and let everyone make their own label. That’s right. A label-making party! If you allow a couple of extra bottles of wine for drinking while labelling, this is bound to increase the creativity of the labels.
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These Simple Gifts are suitable for any occasion, not just Christmas. So once you are in gift making mode, make lots.

Only five more sleeps until Christmas Day. Are you ready for the celebration? Have you ever wanted to design your own wine label? Have you ever wanted to host a wine-labelling party?