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I buy chocolate bars for Halloween, a big box from Costco. I anticipate lots of trick or treaters, but the neighbourhood is growing up, so there are fewer trick and treaters every year. Which means there are lots of leftover chocolate bars.

I put them in the cold storage cupboard downstairs.

Rolf likes to eat them, but just a little bit at a time. His chocolate bar sits on the kitchen counter, and it can last for 4 or 5 days. But, he notices, his chocolate bar is disappearing faster than it should be.

It’s not me eating his chocolate bar. I’m fine with ignoring it. So that leaves Kyle.

Rolf takes a stick-it note and puts it on his chocolate bar wrapper. The stick-it note says: Kyle – with a diagonal through it and a circle around it . . . like those No Smoking signs.

When Kyle sees this, he is not bothered. He goes downstairs and gets another chocolate bar and puts it on the kitchen counter. He also puts a stick-it note on his chocolate bar wrapper.

His note says: Everyone Welcome.

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