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When you’ve been away from your writing for a while, set a date.

For whatever reason, you’ve stopped. You either had something go wrong in your life, or in your writing, and you are out of practice. Life or your writing has thrown you and you need to get back on the horse . . . but you are shying away from it.

You may be listing reasons why you can’t write, but you know they are just excuses. Admit to yourself that you are afraid to get back on the horse.

Just admitting that to yourself will make you start to feel better. Then . . . Set A Date. Write it on your calendar – knowing that you are organizing your life to start writing – again – on that date.

And as that date approaches . . .

Set up your Environment
We all have a tool box – we know what we need from dictionaries and keyboards – to candles and music and pictures.

Mary Balogh (who says her writing is very chaotic) keeps her external environment very controlled. She has a pen – just so.

Think about changing your environment
Work somewhere other than your usual writing place. Try the library or a coffee shop or your backyard. If it’s winter where you live, dress appropriately.

In extreme cases, when housework (or some other necessary evil) is calling to you, you could try an out-of-town retreat. But, retreats can become expensive, so it’s best to learn to manage our environment where we are.

And, if housework is the thing that distracts you, remember, you may be socialized to clean. And if you are, one of the Truisms of Your Writing Life is: the amount of writing you get done is inversely proportional to the amount of housework you get done . . .

Mix with Other Writers . . . to get the writing bug again. Join a writers group and volunteer. BUT don’t get Overcommitted. Remember, it’s volunteering not conscription. There is a time to volunteer and a time to clear the slate. You will know what you need.

Have you fallen off your horse? Will you set a date for When You Will Begin Again? What will you do to prepare for that date?

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