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Earlier this month, Rolf and I hiked to Boom Lake. We’ve done this trip several times over the years. I wrote about one trip here. Since the last time we did the trail, this new boardwalk has been added.

boardwalk along the Boom Lake trail

Clear blue skies today!

clear blue skies

Lots of wildflowers along the trail. This is Bunchberry Dogwood.

Bunchberry Dogwood

To the west, Mount Quadra . . .

Boom Lake

. . . and to east, the “boom” – where an old moraine touches the surface of the water in a crescent to catch driftwood floating past, as if it were a lumber boom.

Boom Lake

Here I am at the lake.

The sparkling waters of Boom Lake!

Boom Lake

This is a favourite September hike. We had perfect weather and finished off the day with dinner in Banff. Can’t ask for more!