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We still use billions of them a year, but I think we’re finally figuring it out.

Grocery stores sell excellent reusable cloth bags. Other stores ask, “Do you need a bag?” And, unless it’s pouring rain and you don’t have a big pocket, you probably don’t need a bag.

It used to be that the plastic bag was your Proof of Purchase. Does it feel right walking out of Chapters with an un-plastic-bagged book in hand? On those days that I forget my cloth bag, I hold my cash receipt on top of the book as I exit the store.

I have no reason to forget or to be without. My Aunt Net sews beautiful cloth bags. If you don’t like what the grocery store has for cloth bags, attend a craft fair. You will be surprised to find a whole new industry replacing the Plastic Bag.

Here’s a video called The Majestic Plastic Bag which describes the migration of the Plastic Bag from its birthplace to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This plastic collecting area, according to the video, is twice the size of Texas.

How about you? Are you a cloth bag convert?
Or do you support the Plastic Bag’s survival because you worry about the Plastic Bag becoming extinct?