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my paint box of watercolors

my paint box of watercolors

Yesterday, writer Amy Jo Fleming hosted a watercolor painting party for three of her friends—me, Brenda and Leslie.

Amy Jo covered her dining room table with plastic. Her son set up a projector, and we watched a live YouTube tutorial by Lindsay Weirich, the Frugal Crafter. The topic was: how to paint a watercolor scene of “Icy Mountains and the Sea”.

I showed up with my newly purchased paint box and some brushes. Amy Jo gave me a piece of watercolor paper and I was ready.

Brenda has done lots of these YouTube watercolor tutorials and she subscribes to Lindsay’s YouTube channel. However, for the rest of us, this was a first effort.

ready to start

Lindsay makes it look easy, and it was an excellent idea to follow along with the live YouTube. Otherwise I think I would have procrastinated all day before putting paint to paper.

The YouTube tutorial projected on the wall.

As best as I could, I tried to follow Lindsay’s instructions. Usually people watch, perhaps get started, and then end up replaying the video to complete their painting. But I followed along, not sure if I was using my right brain or my left brain or any brain at all. I did love the feel of swooshing on color. And sometimes just swooshing on clear water and then dabbing it with a bit of color and watching the color migrate.

There are so many techniques to learn, such as scrunching up paper towel and smudging clouds into formation. You also need to learn to blend colors, and to choose colors that bring out the best in each other.  

A while ago, I showed you my other artistic endeavour, where I painted with acrylics. I can’t say for sure, but I think a beginner would have better luck with acrylics. At least, I think my tulip picture here, looks a little better than my landscape. But I’m not complaining. I know everything takes practice. Even if I don’t learn to paint with watercolors, or with acrylics, there is something very soothing about watching someone else paint and gradually transform a blank piece of paper into Something.  

The really nice part about this painting party was the Tea that followed.

Tea following Painting

Tea following Painting

We potlucked. I brought the one recipe I am capable of – devilled eggs. Brenda, who excels at art and writing, has not yet mastered cooking, so she picked up fruit on the way over. Leslie made scones from scratch and brought jam (Scottish Strawberry) and, of course, clotted cream.

cutting off the crusts 🙂

Amy Jo made three kinds of sandwiches including a chicken salad with the crusts cut off. I understand the crusts will find their way into a bread pudding.

Here are our paintings: First, this is what Lindsay, the Frugal Crafter did, and what we tried to copy. The tutorial is here.

watercolor by Lindsay


Here’s my painting.

watercolor by Suzanne


Here’s Amy Jo’s.

watercolor by Amy Jo

Amy Jo

Here’s Leslie’s.

watercolor by Leslie


And this is Brenda’s.

watercolor by Brenda


She says it is not yet finished and she’s adding more detail at home.

Have you ever painted with watercolor? How about with acrylics? Do you have a preference? Would you like to have a Painting Party? Do you like your Tea sandwiches with the crusts cut off?