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Comedian John Cleese, while attending Cambridge, discovered that he had the ability to entertain. He discovered that he could write something and make people laugh. He discovered that he was creative.

Since he was trained as a scientist, he started observing what was going on when he was creating.

In this You Tube, he touches on

  • Sleeping on a problem
  • Where ideas come from, and
  • How to create a mood that will allow you to be more creative.

We may have heard ideas about this last item. I especially like what Cleese has to say about it.

In summary, he says we must create boundaries of space, and boundaries of time. I think most of us understand the Boundaries of Space: you hide in your office, or in the library, or in a coffee shop.

What was new for me was the Boundaries of Time. You must give yourself a start time AND a finish time.

Here’s the You Tube with highlights of his talk. It’s ten minutes long. I think it will fascinate you.

Do you have any observations about what it takes for YOU to go into a creative mode?

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