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My sons and their families were at our house last night to celebrate Christmas Eve with our traditional “Deli Night” of Westphalian ham, tea sausage, zwiebel mettwurst, Appenzeller, Camembert, meat salad, herring salad, Caesar Salad, Tilsiter cheese, buns (especially “salt sticks”), various salamis and devilled eggs.

There was also a “Happy Birthday” cupcake and a blue candle for Bob’s first birthday. And Crave gingerbread cupcakes and lots of other desserts.
After the feast, we opened gifts. Bob needed help opening his tool set. He was more interested in practicing walking, exploring our house, and digging in the coffee tree. (Yay for dust busters!) I also gave him a book—Pride and Prejudice, a board book about counting—to introduce him to the classics.

This morning, we are all quietly celebrating our own Christmas Days.

Last night, Christmas Carol brought two kinds of homemade granola: Coconut Granola with  Fig,  Almonds & Rhubarb, and Crazy Town Granola made of oats, almonds, Heritage flakes, Chia and other stuff. There is also a jar of strawberry blueberry Cereal Topper.
So this morning’s quiet breakfast was the Crazy Town Granola and strawberry blueberry sauce in my Denman Island cereal bowl with a cup of Admiral Grey from Tea Traders.
Christmas morningAt the moment, there is light snow and it’s minus 15. The walks have been shovelled, at least for the first time today. All is calm.

I’m looking forward to some writing time before meeting Rolf for a lunch of leftover deli. Then maybe some jigsaw puzzle time and maybe a walk in the snow. Supper will just be the two of us and stuffed turkey breast, cranberries, baked spuds and veggies. And some of the Hornby Island Wild Blackberry Dessert Wine.

Tomorrow, on boxing day, the whole family will meet again for “Lasagna Night”.

I hope you are all enjoying a peaceful Christmas Day.