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Last Saturday, after a pizza lunch, we decorated the big spruce tree in front of the house. We bought 800 lights at Costco, and then our son Ryan brought over his crane.

Zoom Boom

Our other son Kyle went up in the basket along with one of their friends. Way up.

way up!

Ryan positioned the basket . . .


. . . and Makita supervised on the ground.


Liz helped with untangling the lights and attaching the next strands.

up in the basket

We had sunny weather for this, with the temperature hovering between 5 and 0 Celsius. A good thing, since the operation took several hours.

in the basket

And finally, we ended up with this:

O Christmas Tree!

When we finished, we celebrated by going out for Chinese Smorgasbord. Snow is predicted for tomorrow. I think our tree will look pretty.