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Last Saturday, we finally bought one of those dual flush toilets. Our son Ryan helped Rolf to carry the box from the car to the house. And then on Monday, our son Kyle helped to install it. At almost 109 pounds, this toilet is very heavy.

Our choice: the American Standard Tofino Dual Flush Complete One Piece 1.08/1.59 Gallon Elongated Toilet

It would have been easier to carry and install if I had agreed to the two-piece model but I wanted the one piece because it’s easier to clean.


The old toilet used 13 litres per flush—about 3 ½ gallons.

Here is our old 13 litre (3 ½ gallon) water guzzler.

Here is our old 13 litre (3 ½ gallon) water guzzler.

Our new toilet uses either 4 litres or 6 litres (1 to 1 ½ gallons) depending on what it has to deal with.

dual flush toilet

Here is our new dual flush toilet which uses either 4 or 6 litres—1 to 1 ½ gallons.

Home Depots says: This high-efficiency, ultra-low consumption model is WaterSense ® certified and uses 20% less water than standard toilets.

The “20% less water” will be excellent for the utility bill. And because this is WaterSense certified, that means we get the rebate from the City of Calgary. To encourage citizens to get rid of their water guzzling toilets, you can apply for a $50 mail-in rebate.

Ease of install

You definitely need two people to lower this model onto the wax ring that connects it to the plumbing, and the bolts that connect it to the floor. Remember, it weighs about 109 pounds. As long as you have a strong husband and a strong son, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Just don’t expect this to be a one-man or one-woman job.

Sawdust girl has a great write-up of how she installed one of these toilets.

Ease of cleaning

Home depot says: Its seamless one-piece design with smooth-sided, concealed trapway is both eye catching and easier to clean.

I wanted the one piece model because it does not have all those cracks and crannies to clean. On a two piece model, the bolts that hold the toilet in place are covered by knobs. And I have always hated the way those knobs collect all that gunk and grime. With this new toilet, all that stuff is out of sight. And the toilet is clean with a quick swoosh. Not only that, this technology has some kind of “PowerWash” system that scrubs the bowl with each flush and keeps it cleaner longer.


It’s fine to be easy-to-clean and water efficient, but this contraption still needs to be effective. And it is. It has a MaP Rating of 1000 grams.

(MaP = Maximum Performance Rating)

To see what this means, watch this YouTube on Epic Flushing Power.

All this and my new toilet comes with a . . .

Soft Close Seat

A Soft Close toilet seat uses a slow-close hinge system that lowers the toilet seat gently and practically silently. The seat comes with an EverClean finish which helps the seat and cover stay clean by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

Feng Shui

And then there is Feng Shui.

Before flushing, close the lid, so that germs don’t spray into the room. That’s just common sense.

Feng Shui also tells us that an open toilet lid lets energy drain from the room. I have no idea about that, but to me, the room seems more soothing and settled with the lid closed. With the Soft Close lid and a gentle tap, there is no noise involved and no excuse not to close it.

Toilet Trivia

2015-04-28 the big necessity

 Interested in toilets from around the world?

You might enjoy Rose George’s The Big Necessity: The Unmentionable World of Human Waste and Why It Matters 

It’s interesting and eye-opening and told with wit and humour. I recommend it.


2015-04-28 KennyHave you seen the movie, Kenny?

Kenny is a mockumentary about porta-potties and the man who services them. It’s comedic but with a kind of unexpected heroism.

And for something totally ridiculous there is:

Girls Don’t Poop. Watch it here.

Have you installed a dual flush toilet yet? What do you think of the trade-off between weeks of Easy Clean and an install of Really Heavy? Have you watched Kenny? What do you think of the Feng Shui of toilet lids?

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