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MY HEART BURNS the 24th novella in the Bandit Creek series is available now.

When Marlene was choosing her cover material, she had not seen my cover yet and so her first model was CHRISTIE MCFEE, the woman on my cover. This is an example of great minds think alike!

I love Marlene’s cover with its historical detailing. And I love the blurb she’s written.
Here it is:

A woman’s got to do what her heart tells her – that’s become my motto. I’m Mackenzie Delaney and I realized that fact – and acted on it – before it was too late. Instead of marrying the man my parents had chosen for me, I answered the calling in my heart and headed west to Bandit Creek to fulfill my dream of being a doctor.

Sheriff Dan Wilson added a twist to my dream. Strong and true, he was intent on keeping the peace in his town – by fighting off bandits and keeping women of debatable reputation out.

He succeeded with the bandits.

He found me more of a challenge.

Let’s just say we came to a compromise.

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Have you read any of the Bandit Creek series? Have you got a favourite story? Or, a favourite cover?