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My print books are now in the Calgary Library. This one, WEDDING BELL BLUES, is the first to hit the shelves. It’s at my local library, the Crowfoot branch.

The other two books in the “SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW” series are at the new Central Library downtown.

the new library~ the new Central Library ~

GO TO https://calgarylibrary.ca/ and do a search for Suzanne Stengl.

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Here is the catalogue entry for A WEDDING AND A WHITE CHRISTMAS.

A Wedding and a White Christmas

A whirlwind Christmas visit to Las Vegas. A long night of merrymaking. An Elvis Chapel. Whoops!

ON THE WAY TO A WEDDING is also on the shelves downtown.

My wedding series (SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW) is set in Calgary. I took some liberties—like calling my hospital the Nose Hill Hospital. It somewhat resembles the Foothills Hospital where I used to work. I renamed a few other places. The Oak Room at the Fairmont Palliser became Kipling’s. I also combined a junior high school name with a senior high school name to get the high school called Aberton. Some of my friends will recognize their names as streets and avenues. But the essence of Calgary, the foothills city east of the Rocky Mountains, is here with its Chinooks and its wet Junes and its cold autumns.

If you’re looking for LARGER PRINT, you can find THE GHOST AND CHRISTIE MCFEE in the Large Print Collection at the new Central Library downtown.

The Ghost and Christie McFee

My other book, THE THURSTON HEIRLOOM, is at the Judith Umbach Library in Thornhill on Centre Street. You can put a book on hold at any branch in Calgary and have it delivered to your local branch.

The Thurston HeirloomI have one more book to convert to print (ANGEL WINGS) and that is on the list for next year.

Do you enjoy spending time in the library? Do you ever go there to get some writing done? Or to do some research? And then, do you end up wandering the stacks and looking for books by your favourite authors?