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Makita loving the car, hair blowing in the wind

My son and his girlfriend have a Labradoodle who weighs about 60 pounds but is only 10 months old. She’s still just a puppy. Her name is Makita and she is named after a brand of power tools.

Makita, these are ten things I love about you.

  1. The welcome you give me.
  2. The way you sit so nicely for a lamb treat.
  3. The way you take ME for a walk, instead of me taking YOU.
  4. The way you bark at the ceramic goose in the garden.
  5. The way you rip up boxes,
  6. And squeeze the doggie Muttson Caninedian squeeze toy.
  7. The way you take your supper bone to the backyard and bury it, because you like it so much and want to save it for later.
  8. The way you hide your favourite toy between the covers of the guest bed.
  9. Your beautiful expressive eyes.
  10. The way you chase three balls at once.
And I would never tease Makita, but here is a teasing owner having some fun with his talking dog.