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Ryan Stengl doing a “360”


Slush Cup was on Sunday, the last day of skiing at Kicking Horse this season. Four thousand feet higher, the hill enjoyed beautiful snow, but conditions at the bottom were getting slushy. What’s a ski hill to do?

Dig a pit and fill it with water. Invite a bunch of enthusiastic skiers and boarders to try to ride across it. My son entered the competition. That’s him up in the air, doing a “360” before splashing down near the end of the pond.

Eagle’s Eye Restaurant

Eagle’s Eye Restaurant

We had lunch here at the Eagle’s Eye Restaurant on the top of the mountain. Riding up the chairlift, we saw Boo, the orphaned grizzly who lives in a huge enclosure on the mountain.

top of the mountain

top of the mountain

Kicking Horse Mountain

coming through a layer of cloud to the base

Conditions at the top were excellent. On the way down, we had to go through cloud.

Kicking Horse Slush Cup

the pool of water

At the base, you can see the pool of water that contestants will try to jump over. A few made it. Would you like to try this?