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I’m looking for inspiration and I think I might find it if I can get lost in a jigsaw puzzle.

When the Muse has deserted you, you go and look for her. Although with all the changes in my life lately, she may be hiding for a while.

One friend suggested a funny movie and a good Merlot. This works, although the effects are transitory. I return to the keyboard and nothing comes out of my fingers. So I am trying jigsaw puzzles. Maybe immersing my mind in a jigsaw puzzle will loosen up my brain.

There is something about snicking those little pieces into place. Something that is good for the soul. It may not free up my writing muscles, but it is relaxing.

I started working on the coffee table in the living room. This is just a 300-piece puzzle and it fit the space nicely.

a 300-piece jigsaw puzzle

I was with a friend when I bought it. She commented that she wanted to get an “adult” puzzle—meaning one with more pieces.

“Adult?” I said. “What’s wrong with this? It’s a pretty picture and the pieces are large and sturdy.”

Besides, I’m not looking for Hard. I’m looking for Doable and Distracting.

easy to do

almost finished


After the 300-piece was finished, I got a 500-piece. And the pieces started dropping off the edge of the coffee table. So, Rolf made this “puzzle board” to fit on top of the coffee table.

Puzzle Board

The Puzzle Board has edges so the pieces cannot go astray. That’s kind of comforting, knowing all your pieces are there and not in danger of disappearing.

working on the puzzle board

The back of the board is covered in vinyl so it does not scratch the coffee table underneath.

finished another one

Do you like jigsaw puzzles? Do you equate a large number of pieces with being adult-like? What if you are a tired adult and only need 300 pieces?

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