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Victoria Day is the Monday on or just before May 24, Queen Victoria’s birthday. Canada ushers in summer with the Victoria Day weekend.  (The US Memorial Day weekend happens one week later.)

This year, like most years, the weather in Alberta was iffy. And after the weekend was over, our town got five solid days of rain. But now the sun is shining. The days are getting longer, and longer. The harbinger of summer—the Western Tanager—has returned.

Summer is here, with gardening, hiking, summer vacations, BBQs, potlucks, visitors and visiting . . . and many more reasons to miss your writing time.

Yes, we know, books can’t be written in a single sitting. They take hours and hours of bits of time, and if we don’t add up the minutes each day, the book will languish, unfinished forever.

We must honour our writing time. Especially that very important first hour of the day when our minds are uncluttered.

You may not want to do it. Nobody does. Nobody wants to write; but everybody wants to have written.

So promise yourself you will Just Do It. Do it first thing in the morning. The rest of the day will happen all by itself.

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