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Last Friday was our first day of skiing for the season. We drove the hour and a half to Sunshine Village, rode up the gondola and stepped out into a perfect winter day: sunny with the temperature hovering right around zero Celsius.

I love January snow. It’s soft and creamy, and often referred to as Hero Snow, because you can do no wrong in this kind of snow.

This year I have new skis. Head Mya 6. Every time I get new skis, they are lighter and shorter and wider than my old ones. At the rate skiing technology is going, skiers will soon be skiing with a snowboard on each foot. 😉

Sunshine VillageWhat I mostly noticed was that I was going very fast. My first two runs were from the top of the Angel to the lift, without stopping—which is unusual for me. In fact, I was faster than Rolf, but he was taking harder runs. I stayed with green all day, except for up on Divide where it’s black but I can do black as long as there are no bumps. And with these new skis, my hubby says I’m carving better than ever.

After those first few runs, I started to get tired and needed to take more breaks on the way down. By lunch time, I was definitely ready for food. We always eat at the Chimney Corner Lounge and I had the gluten free pizza with roasted zucchini and Portobello mushrooms.

gluten free pizza with roasted zucchini and Portobello mushroomsThen I skied another hour and came in for a mocha latte. After all, half the fun of skiing is eating. Rolf stayed out longer but even he was getting tired by four o’clock. Neither of us had the energy for the ski-out so we hopped on a purple gondola and got carried down.

I’m already looking forward to our next trip.

How’s your winter going?