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Well! It just so happens that Tuesday Café not only falls on a Tuesday, this week, it also falls on MY BIRTHDAY!

So I thought I’d have a party and give YOU a present, which you will get at the end of this story.

Do remember your childhood birthday cakes? I recall chocolate, something my mother made with flour, sugar, cocoa, butter and an egg. Sometimes we had to wait for the chicken to lay the egg. Sometimes there was icing, and sometimes not. But there was always a nickel or dime in the cake. She’d drop the coin in the batter before placing the cake in the oven. If you ended up with the piece that had the nickel or dime, you were lucky, and rich.

Some birthdays were just brothers and sisters. Other times, cousins joined in. Always you got your picture taken. In fact, as I sort through old photos (hard copy, not jpeg) I can date these pictures by the number of candles on the cake.

So help yourself to a piece of virtual cake, pour a cup of coffee and tell me about your childhood birthday cakes.  Did you have any special traditions?

And my gift to you comes this Friday – until the following Tuesday – when you can download a Free Copy of my novella Angel Wings. A few of my friends have already read it and they tell me they liked it. I hope you do too.

And now let’s sing Happy Birthday!

(birthday candles from photos.com #140210141)