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sitting at Starbucks instead of going stir-crazy at homeI’ve just finished my Starbucks Bacon, Gouda & Egg Breakfast Sandwich and now I’m sipping my grande latte while I people-watch at a little round table that wobbles. My air cast is up on a chair. My walking stick is collapsed and sitting on the table.

I got Rolf to drop me here, just so I could get out of the house. I told him to come back in two hours. After twenty-two days with the air cast, I’m going stir-crazy.

The worst thing about this air cast—on my right foot—is that I can’t drive. I never realized how much I depend on being able to drive.

I suppose I could get my right leg up over the car’s console and I could learn to drive with my left foot. But with winter road conditions the way they are, I’m not sure it’s a good idea to practice that new skill right now.

I wonder if I could drive if I was in Australia? I’d be sitting on the right side of the car, so does that mean I would be using my left foot on the accelerator and the brake? Oh well, it’s not the time for a vacation to Australia anyway.

Before settling in at Starbucks, I hobbled around Chapters, checked out the new trinkets and the Christmas sale items. It’s amazing what does not make the cut for Christmas shoppers.

And, on the way to Starbucks, we stopped at the post office. So I actually accomplished something today. I mailed two copies of my latest book THE THURSTON HEIRLOOM to Publishers Weekly. I might be one of the lucky few to be chosen for a review.

The Thurston HeirloomBy the way, if you have read HEIRLOOM, you are welcome to leave a ‘review’ on Amazon.
Go here.

You don’t need to be a professional reviewer. Most of the reviews on Amazon are from regular readers. All a review needs is 20 words—more if you get carried away—but 20 words are sufficient. Grammar is irrelevant and I love to get feedback.

I also love lattes, and I love being out of the house.

This barista has a booming voice, so no matter where you are in the store you can easily hear when your order is ready. The barista is also good at telling jokes and interacting with the customers. I’ve always thought it would be fun to be a barista. Maybe, if this writing thing gets me down, I can become a barista.

I wonder if I’d get free lattes?

Maybe I could become a Reviewer of Baristas? I’d never give anyone a “1 star” or even a “2 star” barista review. At the very least, I’d give a “3 star” because all I care about is that the drink comes close to what I ordered.

  • 3 stars: for a hot drink when I ordered hot (don’t care if it’s a regular latte, a flat white or a mocha)
  • 4 stars: if it’s the right drink and it arrives fairly quickly.
  • 5 stars: if it’s the right drink, prepared quickly, my name is spelled correctly on the cup and I get a “How is the foot?” and a friendly nod.

The star system only goes as high as a 5, but I am about to give 6 stars: because a Frappuccino was left on the bar and the barista offered it to the lady with her air cast propped up on a chair.

Life is good.

How about you? Do you care if you ordered a Frap Lite and you get whipped cream? Did you really want the whipped cream anyway? Do you browse the sale items at Chapters? Ever found anything neat on the Christmas sale table?