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It’s the end of February, the coldest month of winter. Also, the snowiest month.

Today, we have a “warm” day. It’s only minus 5 Celsius (23 F). However, tomorrow we are back to minus 17 Celsius (1 F) and more snow, so March will come in like a lion.

I had not realized how much I use skiing for getting outside in the winter. This winter, I have not been able to ski and I’m feeling very cooped up.

For a long time, I’ve noticed this pain in my hip and I’ve written it off as a pulled muscle. But, last summer, while walking up a hill at Whistler, I was having major difficulty.

After vacation, my doctor sent me for an X-ray, and it turns out I have osteoarthritis. In fact, I have a lot of it. So much so, that I will need a new hip. It’s amazing what they can fix.

Here I am hobbling around in the mountain town of Canmore, Alberta.

By the way, this is where THE THURSTON HEIRLOOM is set.

I can still drive and I have one of those parking passes so I can park in the handicap spots. In the house, I get around with just a cane, but outside in the snow, I feel more secure with crutches.

These past few months, I’ve been amazed by how kind people are. They are always holding doors open for me. I go to Starbucks for a latte and people ask if they can carry my drink to my table. One barista even offered to bring my drink out to my car.

At the bank, I’ve had an employee offer to bring me a chair while I waited in line, and I’ve had a customer send me ahead of him in the line.

While Christmas shopping, I was carrying my bags out to the parking lot when a lady offered her help. She carried all my stuff to my car for me.

So, thank you, world. You’ve been a great help!

There’s a fairly long wait to get this operation and in the meantime, I need to stay active. That means walking in the water and doing Aquafit. I also do yoga. And yesterday, I tried a stationary bike for the first time. I think I’ll like that exercise.

In other news…

Fortunately, my arms still work because I am a grandmother again.

Isn’t she sweet?

She makes me count my blessings.

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