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Somewhere in southwestern Ontario, the Jubenville Clan has met every year since 1977. Jill brought out the notebook that Aunt Rebecca started way back in 1977 and my name is in there. I’ve missed quite a few reunions but I signed in again this year.

Mike and Greg grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. Ted brought his solar oven for making smores and Aunt Marie brought cherry pie and rhubarb pie. There were quite a few other potluck entries and I loved the devilled eggs.

Family started arriving about 1 o’clock. Many of us had not seen each other since last year. News was exchanged, old stories were retold, photos were taken and the kids loved the pool.

As usual, I brought name tags. Madison was in charge of naming everybody. Aaron says we need a printed out family tree to refer to. That’s on the list for next year. It will be on Sunday June 23.

Do you have family reunions? Every year? What’s the furthest you’ve travelled to be there?

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