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Look at that. It’s the end of April and I haven’t checked in yet this month.

After a long winter, spring has arrived. We didn’t have a lot of snow over the winter months. Lots of snow in the mountains, but not in the city. That made for gray days.

To amuse myself, I made a fairy garden. These are the plants I used.

Bernard's Elfin Herb

Bernard’s Elfin Herb

Dee Dee's Box Honeysuckle

Dee Dee’s Box Honeysuckle

Belle's Pink Cranesbill

Belle’s Pink Cranesbill

Fine Gold Leaf Sedum

Fine Gold Leaf Sedum

Kay Kay's Angel Vine

Kay Kay’s Angel Vine

Silver Carpet

Silver Carpet

Stefan's Blue Moneywort

Stefan’s Blue Moneywort

Violet's Creeping Thyme

Violet’s Creeping Thyme

Tomorrow, I will show you the assembled garden.