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I think it’s amazing—

  • that Tawny Stokes started Bandit Creek at CARWA’s June 2011 AGM.
  • that Bandit Creek has been putting up a new book on the 1st and the 15th of each month since September 15, 2011.
  • that the series is winding up on January 1, 2013, with Jack’s story. You know him? The bum that hangs out in both Present Day Bandit Creek AND Historical Bandit Creek. How does he do that?

I think it’s amazing—

  • that CARWA’s PRO and PAN groups are now combined and meeting for dinner every few months at the Danish Canadian Club. CARWA has many traditionally published authors in both print and digital format. And now, because of Bandit Creek, almost every writer in CARWA is indie published. Many of us are in that “grey area” where we can no longer enter the RWA Golden Heart Contest, but we still can’t enter the Rita. Oh well.

I think it’s amazing—

  • that I have friends planning a new collective of about five authors. Unlike Bandit Creek (everything happens in Bandit Creek) this smaller collective will have a common genre.

I think it’s amazing—

  • that my computer works again and that none of my files were lost. Well, except for those emails, which needed to GO. There are so many cloud backups these days, there’s no reason to ever risk losing your work.

And I think it’s amazing—

  • that Calgary has already had temperatures in the minus twenties in October, and that now, on November 20th, it’s back to almost spring-like weather and I can walk on clear sidewalks.

Oops, spoke too soon, think it’s snowing again! But it doesn’t matter. I’ll be picking up my Sunshine Card soon. I hear the ski hill already has almost a meter of snowpack. That’s amazing.

I think everything is amazing.
How about you? What amazing things have happened to you lately?

Here’s a fun video, about amazing things. Enjoy!