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I got a new monitor and I was getting my wires crossed so I decided to sort out the mess.

First, let me tell you about the monitor. On Tuesday, I brought home a 24 inch Samsung SD390. It had a beautiful display but I didn’t like the stand. I type so fast that I set up a vibration and that was making the screen shake. So the next day, I returned the SD390 and purchased the SD590. It has the same beautiful display but with a more solid stand.

I’ve been using two monitors for some time now. This new one is my main screen and I have an older monitor, also 24 inches, that I use for a secondary screen. Since it’s older, the colours are not as vibrant but, hey, it works.

Why two monitors?

I open Scrivener on my main screen. On the secondary monitor, I  have several WORD documents open: a name chart, a calendar of what happens when, a list of threads to keep track of, and an INSPIRATION mind map that shows my character relationships.

Add a cup of coffee to this setup, and I am in my perfect writing place.

helpful husband

I have a helpful husband. A long time ago, he installed an 8 outlet surge protector under my desk to deal with the computer wires but since then I have found more things to plug in. So yesterday he installed another bar. This one has 7 outlets, giving me a total of 15. I’m only using 11 of them. Maybe I should buy another lamp? (just kidding!)

What’s under there?

I have power for:

  • CPU
  • main monitor
  • secondary monitor
  • speakers
  • USB splitter
  • inkjet printer
  • laserjet printer
  • external hard drive
  • backup hard drive
  • really bright lamp
  • cell phone charger

And this is the final configuration.

computer wires under my deskKudos to Rolf. Gotta love a hubby with power tools!