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Last Saturday, September 24, the Calgary Chapter of the RWA (better known as CARWA) hosted HQN editor Emily Ohanjanians and Agent Deirdre Knight at the annual Fall Industry Workshop.
Jennifer Howard - Charter Member #007 - reuniting with Charter Member Brenda Collins

Jennifer Howard – Charter Member #007 – reuniting with Charter Member Brenda Collins

Donna Tunney and Suzanne Stengl

Donna Tunney and Suzanne Stengl

Here I am, with my buddy Donna.
In the morning, forty-three writers listened as Emily and Deirdre told us about their respective jobs, talked about what’s new in the publishing world, and reassured us that even though there’s lots of gloom and doom forecasting, this is, in fact, a time of excitement and opportunity.

To help raise money for the group, the inexhaustible Lauren Hawkeye organized a Silent Auction including items like jewelry, gift baskets and critiques from editors and agents. At lunch time, we got to bid make our bids.

Lecia Cornwall

I bid on and won Lecia Cornwall’s Sweet Inspiration Basket

After lunch, Emily and Deirdre took pitching appointments and the CARWA Published Authors Panel fielded questions from the rest of the group. On the panel were Lecia Cornwall, Lauren Hawkeye, Lawna Mackie, Steena Holmes, DL Snow, Jade Buchanan and Vivi Anna.

Next, DL Snow led a Brainstorming Session to the strains of Mozart. This was followed by small group critiquing of First Pages. And, all the while, we were slipping out to our pitching appointments, and trying to stay calm.

Mahrie G. Reid and Sherile Reilly

Waiting for my pitching appointment, I was reassured by the writing team of Mahrie Ann Reilly.

I pitched my story to Emily . . . and I am happy to report I got a request for a partial!
At the end of the workshop, we moved across the street to the Toad & Turtle Pub where we were joined by the inestimable Trip Williams.
Pitching appointments were limited, so I was not able to pitch to Deirdre, but I did get to meet her at the Toad & Turtle. Since she’s looking for contemporaries, and that is what I write, she asked me to send her my work.
And I will :o)