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This is my Blog Centennial. My Number 100 post. When I started this blog on March 5, 2011, I had no idea I’d get this far. Since then I’ve done a blog every Tuesday, including:
  • 21 with “You Tube” references
  • 19 entries about Bandit Creek (11 showcasing books from the Bandit Creek series)
  • 6 recipes
  • a bunch of writing related how-to articles
  • a movie review
  • a handful of travel posts
  • and 22 Miscellaneous Moments
And you know what? It feels kind of awesome. And that’s why we’re having cake today.
Lately, at the end of Aquafit class, my instructor has been reading us a couple of entries from The Book of Awesome. Like this one:
“It’s awesome when you become a regular at something.”
I have become a regular at Aquafit, and I have become a regular here. I occasionally hang out with the WANA112 Facebook group and on Twitter. I haven’t quite perfected showing up at the writing desk every single morning, but I do it fairly often.
The funny thing about setting this goal to blog every Tuesday is that I never quite know what I’m going to write about. It’s just Monday night and I think, hey! Tuesday tomorrow. Better write something. I wonder what?
And now after doing this 100 times, the question is: to continue or not to continue. Check back next Tuesday and see if I’m here. It’ll be a surprise for both of us.
Are you a regular at anything?
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