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I am a Canadian writer who writes for an American market so I have to be bilingual in Canadian and American. Sometimes I think it would be easier if the words were the same, but other times, I like their uniqueness.

Here’s a list of some of my favourite different words. Please tell me yours?

And if you don’t like reading Word Lists, just scroll right to the end and you will find a bit of Canadiana for your viewing enjoyment.

Canadian American

  • Cheque  check
  • behaviour behavior
  • calibre  caliber
  • centre  center
  • colour  color
  • favour  favor
  • favourite favorite
  • fibre  fiber
  • grey  gray
  • harbour harbor
  • humour  humor
  • kilometre kilometer
  • labour  labor
  • litre  liter
  • metre  meter
  • neighbour neighbor
  • odour  odor
  • parlour  parlor
  • savour  savor
  • theatre  theater
  • valour  valor
And here’s the YouTube: Canadian, Please