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Everyone loves to hear a friendly voice, a kind word, a little encouragement. Whenever you can, be an encourager. Even when you are “critiquing” someone’s manuscript.

Writers are often asked to “beta read” other manuscripts. A beta reader looks for issues in the story before it is sent out for publication.

Before you beta read anything, it’s important to know what the writer is asking for. Some writers ask you to look for continuity issues. Some ask you to look for typos, misused words or spelling mistakes.

But sometimes, a request for a beta read is not “Tell me what I’m doing wrong.” It’s really asking, “Can I make it? Do I have what it takes? Do you see anything in here that tells you I should keep writing?”

Sometimes that writer just needs to hear that some parts are working. They need a little more confidence so they can try things they might not have tried before.

And now here is a friendly voice you may have already heard.