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The writer’s walk is the best inspirational tool a writer has.
I live close to the Silver Springs Gardens and that’s where I go to walk. It’s a time to freewheel my brain, and let plot and character problems solve themselves. It’s also good exercise, especially for a writer.
When I am caught up in my fictional world and straining to find out what will happen next, I suddenly feel a pain in my shoulders and neck. And I realize I’m hunched over the keyboard, bending into the screen as if I could get inside it and find the answers I need.
Rotten body mechanics. But I’m paying attention to the story, not to my body mechanics. So it’s time for a walk.
There are four ways to put exercise into your life.
1. The Counter: Keep score for yourself. Write down how many steps, or how many lengths, or how many minutes on the treadmill. The challenge is to beat yourself.
2. The Class: You may not want to exercise, but once you’ve made the commitment to show up at yoga, you go.
3. The Personal Trainer: Let a professional figure out what your body needs. This is often more expensive than other ways of exercising but it definitely beats the alternative of not exercising. To save money, you can get group sessions with another person who is at your level.
4. The “It’s not exercise” Model of Exercise: My hubby doesn’t exercise, he just rides his bike for 90 K because he’s likes being outside enjoying the fine weather. Dancing and hiking fall into this category. “What? Me exercise? You’ve got to be kidding. I don’t have time to exercise. I’ve got to dig up this garden and spread mulch over two acres.”
So what is the very best type of exercise? It’s the one that appeals to you. You know what you like. And you will be consistent doing something you like.And know this. It is far better to walk for a half hour daily, then to join a running club, push yourself, injure yourself . . . and retire to the couch to lick your wounds and swear off exercise.
Here is one of the best videos I have found that relates to exercise and walking. It’s called — 23 and ½ hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?
If you only watch one YouTube this year, this is the one.

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