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Even though the days are growing shorter, I love the autumn.

I grew up in southwestern Ontario, and the autumns there are long, perfect seasons. But in Alberta, in Calgary, at 3900 feet, the autumn comes and goes before you know it. I remember when I first moved here, and discovered that you needed to scrape the frost off your windshield in the early mornings of September.

We’ve been lucky this year. Usually, we’ve had at least one snowfall by now, but so far, the autumn is behaving. We have had frost. Some mornings the birdbath is frozen, but it melts again by midday. Of course, with that first frost, it means that all the bugs are gone so it’s very pleasant to be sitting outside.

I know some people absolutely love the summer and all that HEAT but I’ve never liked sweltering so I prefer the autumn temperatures. And I love the leaves.

Even though Calgary doesn’t get the colours that southwestern Ontario does with its sugar maples, we still do have some colour. Like the dogwoods. And the mountain ash.




mountain ash

Technically, autumn is from September 21 to December 21, but I read (I can’t remember where) that some ancient peoples thought of autumn as two separate seasons. The first part could have been called Autumn – with all its reds and golds. The second part would have a different name. Maybe as different as the words Autumn and Fall. Fall, with its bare branches and iciness. This time after leaves, and before snow.  It’s almost as if the word Autumn suggests that colourful calm time after the busyness of summer. And Fall suggests a less pretty time, almost a lonely time.

So I suppose I should clarify. I love the beginning of this season. The part with all those beautiful leaves still up in the trees and lightly dusting lawns. By the time those branches are bare, I’m ready to string some fairy lights.

How about you? Do you love the Autumn? Or do you dread the approach of Winter?