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Right about the time I published THE THURSTON HEIRLOOM, my good friend Anna Marie suggested a reward. This would be for publishing, and for my birthday (the 27th of November) and for a Christmas present to myself.

Since THE THURSTON HEIRLOOM involves an amethyst that looks like this—
HeirloomI decided on a purple-banded Fitbit that looks like this—
Fitbit Alta

I bought the Fitbit Alta, Anna Marie and I became “fit buddies” and we started cheering each other on in our fitness efforts. However, the best laid plans often run into snags.

I found I was walking more, but I was also limping. More and more. A minor detail, I thought, and I hobbled on. Until I couldn’t.

After the Christmas rush, I was finally forced to make time for a doctor visit which involved, first, an X-ray of my foot. The X-ray only showed swelling. Then, second, came the bone scan which shows stress fractures of the third and fourth metatarsals and cuneiform. In other words, I broke my foot. It was probably the time I did a quick rollover of my ankle while rushing about the kitchen. It turns out kitchens are dangerous and I will try my best to avoid them in this new year.

Fortunately, they have invented the air cast. It looks like this—
air castApparently plaster casts are only used for really bad breaks, and for non-compliance. I will comply . . .

I can take it off for sleeping and for showers. It was time for a shower this morning and that proved challenging. My good leg is strong, but not really strong enough for the one-legged standing of a long shower. I used my walking sticks for hopping around in there but I will have to work on something easier.

In the meantime, Anna Marie and I will continue our fitness efforts, though my steps probably will not be as high as hers. Since the air cast boot is made of plastic and since the sidewalks are often snow-covered, there is a risk of slipping if I walk outside. So, my walking needs to be indoors.

The other minor issue is that this is my right foot, so I can’t drive. Fortunately I have a hubby and friends who are happy to chauffeur for January. At least, I hope I only need this thing for a month.

Have you ever had an air cast? Or a plaster cast? Do you use a Fitbit to help motivate you to step away from your desk?