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You should be writing. You don’t want to. Here are 20 things to do instead of writing.

  1. Read email
  2. Dust your keyboard
  3. Read that excellent book you downloaded last night
  4. Rearrange your bulletin board
  5. Count the number of pens in your pen holder
  6. Sort them by colour
  7. Play solitaire to realign your Right Brain
  8. Read the Chicago Manual of Style
  9. Cut out pictures for a collage
  10. Organize your bookshelf
  11. Count the number of “How To” books you have
  12. Arrange them by author
  13. Rearrange them by subject
  14. Research on YouTube
  15. Smell different hand lotions
  16. Play mood music
  17. Make tea
  18. Eat chocolate
  19. Eat cake
  20. Make a list of things to do instead of writing

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